G-Uints by Gristle King
by Gristle King
/ 749 G-Units Remaining

What Is This?

I'm Nik Hawks aka Gristleking - widely considered the industry leader for Helium Hotspot education. I have helped thousands of people start mining HNT. Avoid months of wasted energy and money learning on your own. A great way to do that is with a G-Unit!

The Gristle King NFT (the G-Unit), is a way for you to enter into the world of NFTs and make sure you get something for your money beyond a jpeg. Ready to get maximum rewards with Helium? NOW is an amazing time and you don't have to go it alone.

How Do I Mint a G-Unit NFT?

  • Get MetaMask or your preferred ETH wallet
  • Load the wallet with some ETH - each G-Unit costs 0.1E
  • Click the "CONNECT WALLET" button
  • Select the number of G-Units you want
  • Click the "MINT" button
  • What Do I Get With My G-Unit?

  • Access to the Gristle King courses (the Helium Basic Course and the HeliumVision MasterClass) - a $199 value.
  • A month of Gristle Crüe membership which gives access to my private Discord members' channel where we meet once a week on Zoom to talk about the latest in Helium with experts in the field - a $49 value.
  • Access into a special channel on the Gristle King Discord called #nft-holders. A place where you can find other people who are very interested in both Helium and NFTs - priceless.
  • What is the Gristle Crüe (30 days included with NFT)

  • Access to the weekly Crüe calls with Nik on Zoom to keep you up to date on Helium news
  • Can't make the calls? You can watch the videos later at your convenience
  • Exclusive access to the #crüe-talk Discord channel on the Gristle King server
  • Guest expert Q & A sessions. Get direct access and learn from the best in the business
  • Early access to courses and the ability to request custom classes for your needs
  • Helium Basic Course (included with NFT)

    Want to skip reading through hours of my blog and the rest of the internet? This one's for you. This is the fastest way to learn all the information you need in order to deploy miners successfully. Includes resources I only make available to paying clients.

    You don't need to schedule me for this. I've built 15 lessons so you can go through this at your own pace, in easy-to-understand chunks. This is an excellent option if you're looking to minimize investment and maximize return.

    Easy to learn tried and true methods for maximum HNT rewards. These have been refined over hundreds of custom consults so you get the maximum amount of information in minimum time.

    Lifetime access to the Helium Basic Course, including all future updates. Over 15 lessons help you understand Hotspots, antennas, maximizing your earnings, and what to expect when you mine Helium.

    HeliumVision Masterclass (included with NFT)

    The most expensive thing you can do with your Hotspot is decide WHERE you're going to place it. It's also the thing that has the most impact on your earnings. The HeliumVision Masterclass shows you how to use this powerful tool to make the most of every one of your Hotspot deployments.

    A Gristle King Masterclass walks you through all the details of how to use a given tool. In this case, we'll go through how to set up HeliumVision for maximum efficiency, how to do regional and local assessments the right way, and how to manage your deployed fleet of Hotspots using every part of HeliumVision.

    Don't waste time guessing or hoping for a great location. Learn to use this tool to do the job right, the first time.

    Lifetime access to the HeliumVision Masterclass, including all future updates. Over 15 lessons help you understand Hotspots, antennas, maximizing your earnings, and what to expect when you mine Helium.

    The Helium community voted me "Most Valuable Community Member" in 2021. I love helping people learn about Helium, and I'm excited to help you!